Eastern England

Why study English in Eastern England?

You'll have heard of Cambridge, but that's not all the East of England has to offer. Here, you'll find lovely towns and villages, pretty countryside, quiet beaches and countryside which inspired our greatest artists. There are also bigger towns, lots of transport connections, and it's very easy to get to London.

You will also find friendly people, particularly in the smaller towns and villages. In most places there are not many international students, so you have lots of chances to speak English with English people.

Come and study here, and you will wonder why the East of England is not better known.


In Eastern England there are accredited English language centres in a variety of universities, colleges, and private language colleges. You'll find a huge variety of courses catering for everyone from schoolchildren to teenage groups to adult professionals.

Where could I live and study?

In this part of the UK, you have a huge choice, with more language centres opening to meet demand. Here are some of the more popular options:

  • Cambridge is the best-known city, where you can choose from a university or private language centres. The city is geared to student life, as it has been for centuries, and you can feel part of it.
  • Bedford, like, Cambridge has a historic centre and a river used by rowing teams.
  • Essex is an Eastern county of great contrast, bordering on London at one end and filled with pretty little villages at the other. Colchester, where you could study, is both the oldest town in Britain (it was founded by the Romans) and the fastest-growing.
  • The city of Norwich is busy but very friendly, set in the very rural county of East Anglia. Study here and you can choose between a university and private language centres.
  • Another peaceful county is Suffolk, where you could study in the historic town of Bury St Edmunds or the more modern Woodbridge.

No matter which language centre you choose in the East of England, you should be able to choose whether to live in a homestay or residence. Host families are generally near the schools so you don't have to waste time travelling every day.

Unless you choose to study in a very remote place, you should find lots of entertainment nearby in this region, including cinemas, cafes, pubs and shops, as well as tourist attractions.


There is so much to do in this area that you could be out exploring every weekend during your stay. Transport links are good, with plenty of train and bus services, so it's easy to see all the region has to offer. Here are some of the highlights:

Cambridgeshire is famous not only for the university city but the strange Fen country. This is countryside that has been drained, so there are small canals and ditches everywhere. It is very flat and often very beautiful. Ely is a city in the Fens with a beautiful cathedral.

Northamptonshire is north of Cambridgeshire and includes the beautiful market towns of Oundle and Stamford and the city of Peterborough, as well as the New Town of Milton Keynes.

Norfolk and Suffolk: these two counties are as far East as you can go in the UK. Parts of both are very remote, with long sandy beaches and tranquil countryside, and few hills: ideal for cycling. Both have lots of beautiful towns and villages, and are very quiet and friendly. Norfolk has waterways called the Broads which are very pretty and popular for boat trips.

Essex is a county with lots of contrasts. One end is remote and full of peaceful villages but the other is close to London. The coast of Essex includes the large town of Southend.

Hertfordshire is another county where people can easily commute into London. This means the southern part of the county is more built up, with pretty villages and market towns further north. The county has three towns which were created in the last century. Two of them, Letchworth and Welwyn, were designed to be very pretty, with gardens for every house and lots of green space.

Bedfordshire includes two very busy towns, Bedford and Luton, which are both very cosmopolitan.