Northern England

Why study English in the North of England?

The North has a lot to offer English language students. The region is recognised for big cities like Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and York. But, it's also known for its rugged moorland, outstanding lakes, historic houses, walking, cycling and camping.

There is one big thing that sets the North apart from the rest of the country - that's the people. Those who stay in the north often comment on its friendliness and hospitality.


The English language industry has traditionally focused on London, England's south coast and in places like Oxford and Cambridge. It means there are large concentrations of international students in these areas, so many agents and students are now choosing the North of England as a good alternative. 

There are accredited English language centres in universities and colleges and private language schools in major cities, coastal towns, beautiful countryside, and popular tourist spots. The range of courses caters for children, teenagers, students, adults, business and professional people and teachers. 

City life

Universities and colleges can be found in major cities like Manchester, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Bradford. English language schools are spread throughout the region - in cities like Manchester and Newcastle, in coastal towns like Whitby and Scarborough, in countryside location like the Lake District, and in popular tourist spots like Chester, Harrogate and York. 


In many ways, the North of England is ideal if you want to travel and explore while you are in the country. Being in the north, it's easy to travel up to Scotland or across to Ireland and Wales. Though, there is no real need to travel outside the region for excursions as the North benefits from rich history and heritage, scenery, sport, culture, city life and entertainment.

It is now easy to get to the North of England from abroad too. Manchester is the region's biggest airport and is the main point of entry for long-haul travellers. There are also a number of regional airports and good train connections.


Because the North of England will have fewer international students, it can be easier to immerse yourself in the language and the culture. You could say it's a more English experience in the North.