Why study English in Scotland?

More than 30,000 international students choose to study in Scotland every year.

Well-known for its passion and friendliness, the region offers a strong and colourful culture, lively cosmopolitan cities, spectacular landscapes, and a varied sports, arts, entertainment and social scene - all within a relatively small area.


Scotland offers something for every need and budget.

English UK Scotland members are schools, universities and colleges that are accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English as a foreign language. There's a a complete range of courses for adults and juniors, for school and university students and for professional people and tourists.

Studying overseas has many advantages. It adds depth to your education, helps you develop your language skills, and brings you into contact with different people from many backgrounds and cultures.

City life

Scotland has a strong, growing economy and recently won the title of 'UK and European region of the future'. It hosts the world's biggest arts festival every summer in Edinburgh, a famous New Year's Eve street party, and one of the UK's longest and largest established summer rock festivals.

Scotland has made many breakthroughs that have changed the way we live and work, from the telephone, television and penicillin, to 3D computer games, the iPod audio chip, and the first ever cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep.


It's easy to get around Scotland - between cities and towns, into the countryside, and onto the coast. Scotland offers some of the most beautiful, untamed countryside in the UK. 

Scotland is consistently rated by visitors as a friendly, safe place to be, that combines a strong sense of its own identity with a multicultural community spirit and lively cosmopolitan cities.

Edinburgh is Scotland's historic capital and has a charming mix of old-style cobbled streets and modern culture. Glasgow is a buzzing, cosmopolitan centre of cafes, art, museums and shopping. Dundee is the city of discovery and beautiful Perth is built on the banks of the River Tay.

Whatever your interest - shopping, culture, music, sport, cuisine, outdoor pursuits or scenery - you're sure to find it in Scotland.


Most accredited course providers are able to arrange a variety of student accommodation types:

Homestay: there are great opportunities to stay with local hosts and learn more about living in Scotland while practicing your English.

Residential accommodation: many providers can offer places in halls of residence or student houses or flats.

There may also be other options to fit your budget, from hostels and serviced apartments to five star hotels.