Business English UK Open Days, 3-8 May 2010
26 March 2010

‘It gives me the opportunity to look at things through the eyes of customers’, Ms. M Smit  (Business English teacher in Holland visited BEUK organised tour in 2009)  

Business English UK is a special interest group of English UK. It is formed by a group of leading language centres who are passionate about teaching English for business. Business English UK Open Days is aimed at offering opportunities for business English trainers outside the UK to visit Business English UK member schools and participate in the annual Business English Trainers’ Conference in London. A number of BEUK members around the UK will open their doors to welcome overseas trainers between 3 – 7 May 2010.

During the Open Days, you will be able to:

  • Meet the leading BE training providers in the UK;
  • Experience and explore BE training resources and what the UK can offer;
  • Establish business partnerships with UK providers;
  • Exchange ideas for BE language teaching;
  • Tour around the local region;
  • Attend a FREE dinner reception in London on 7th May (sponsored by Trinity College London);
  • Receive a scholarship (worth £97) to attend the Business English Trainers’ Conference on 8th May 2010 at International House London. Due to the popularity of the conference, limited places are available and will be offered on first-come-first serve basis. Click here to find out more details of the conference.

Who should participate

Teachers / Corporate trainers who are:

  • Involved in Business English training outside the UK;
  • Interested in working as a consultant / agent for overseas training placements

For further information about this project, click here. To register, please click here for the registration form (in PDF) and return it to or send by fax to 0207 608 7961. If you would like a Word version of this registration form please contact us.


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