Including neurodiverse language learners with Dr Anne Margaret Smith
29 January 2020

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Including neurodiverse language learners with Dr Anne Margaret Smith

Increasingly, ELT professionals are aware that some of their students may have a specific learning difference (such as dyslexia or another form of neurodiversity), but often it is not easy to get a formal identification – nor is it always necessary. Once class teachers get to know their learners they can adapt their practice to make sure that they work inclusively, for the benefit of the whole group.

This session starts by enabling participants to recognise possible indicators of neurodiversity, and determining the learners' strengths and best ways of working. Strategies for developing areas of learning that may be weaker will also be suggested.

The group will then consider ways in which the physical environment, course materials and practical classroom management can support or exclude some learners, and reflect on what small changes might be needed in their own practice to enhance accessibility and inclusion.

Through this, some key principles of inclusive practice will be identified, which the participants might well recognise in their own teaching, and we will discuss how to make the most of existing good practice and how we could work with colleagues to establish whole-school inclusive approaches to teaching and learning.


This session empowers participants to:

  • take the initiative in identifying the learning needs of their students;
  • to understand what factors in the environment may be barriers to their learning;
  • to make small changes that could have a significant impact on the learning experience of their students.

Key information

This training event is a full-day workshop running from 10:30 to 17:00. Tea, coffee and lunch are provided. Participants will receive a certificate from the trainer at the end of the session. 

Who is it for?

Experience level: All

Role(s): Teachers, managers, directors of studies, academic managers and welfare staff

About the trainer

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Dr. Anne Margaret Smith has taught English for 25 years in Kenya, Germany, Sweden and the UK. She is also a dyslexia specialist tutor and assessor. She founded ELT well with the intention of bringing together best practice from the two fields of ELT and SpLD support, and now offers materials and training to teachers, as well as specialist teaching to dyslexic learners. She was recently instrumental in setting up the new IATEFL SIG: Inclusive Practices and SEN.

Book a place

The full day session is £120 for English UK members and £150 for non-members.

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