Covid-19 concerns Q&A: questions and timings for webinar rewatch
17 March 2020

Covid-19 concerns: your questions answered

On Monday 16 March one of our emergency response webinars for the Covid-19 outbreak was a Q&A session with English UK Interim Chief Executive Jodie Gray and Membership Director Huan Japes.

In this session the two senior team members answered English UK members' questions with discussion around inspections, student worries, staffing and more.

Questions and timings

To make the webinar easier to navigate, please find a list of questions and when they were discussed below:

00:00  Introduction
04:10 What are the VAT implications of online delivery? Does synchronous/asynchronous delivery make a difference? 
05:04 What would be the appropriate action with students who stop turning up to the school because they are worried they will catch the virus when they use public transport
06:25 At what point does our duty of care to our teenage students (under18s) kick in and require us to close for our summer season? 
07:10 Is there any news/ link to the £3000 grant promised to small businesses in the budget? 
10:55 At what point should schools act outside of government advice and close?
14:33 What is the policy regarding inspections this summer for schools which might see dramatic changes to their numbers or not run at all?
18:15 My partner and I returned from Madrid on Sat 14th March. Do we need to self isolate and if so, for how long?
19:00 What is the legal situation for paying teaching staff if there is no face-to-face teaching? teaching (either hourly paid or those on guaranteed legacy contracts which guarantees hours)
19:44 Some students have panicked which made them to leave the country over the weekend without prior notice. The students demand a refund, what would be the most appropriate reaction?
20:21 Insurance - is it basically "good luck with your own policy wording"?
21:11 We are planning to deliver the lessons online to the students, are there any advice you could provide?
22:11 Are there any sources of financial help for short-term survival (other than banks)?
23:36 Will schools expected to maintain boarding provision, even if closed for education?
25:26 Is the Safer Recruitment workshop in Manchester on March 25th still running?
26:28 What is the current advice for people arriving from abroad? (The Category 1 and Category 2 areas advice was withdrawn on Friday.)
26:50 How is English UK working with the government to avoid serious consequences for the summer school industry?
30:22 What extra measures should schools have in place this summer to deal with Covid-19? 
30:54 Final Q&A

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