Logos and branding

Liverpool city scene with English UK member logo

Your English UK member logo

The English UK member logo is a distinctive stamp of quality for English UK member language centres. It communicates the high quality of teaching and care students can expect at an English UK member centre and membership of the English UK community.

Please follow the simple brand guidelines below to help us maintain this reputation with consistency and clarity across print and digital platforms.

How to use your English UK logo

The English UK logos are recognised symbols of quality and proper use helps us strengthen this. Please do not stretch, squash or edit your logo to maintain a consistent strong brand that benefits everyone.

If you have any questions about positioning, colour, clearance etc, please contact us.

You can use your member logo on all your publicity material and digital media. But note, that it may not be used in the context of any non-accredited, affiliated centres, organisations or courses.

Can someone check my materials for me?

Yes. We encourage you to send materials and digital use to us so we can help with positioning, colour and clearance. The English UK member logo is a recognised symbol of quality; proper use helps us strengthen this.

Looking for your subgroup logo?

Logos for English UK subgroups are usually distributed by the subgroup chair. When you join a group or need a new subgroup logo, please ask the chair of your group. If you have any difficulties please do not hesitate to: