Logos & branding

The English UK logo and how to use it

As an English UK member centre you are encouraged to use the English UK member logo on all your publicity material such as brochures and leaflets, letterheads, and digital media including websites, email, social media, mobile sites and apps.

Members can download the English UK member logo and the guidelines for using it below.

As the logo and branding are recognised quality symbols, it is important to use them carefully for the benefit of all members. So we ask that everyone download, read, and follow the rules in the English UK Brand Identity Guidelines.

These are designed to ensure a consistent look and feel, and so help build a stronger and more reputable brand identity for English UK. They include detailed information such as minimum size and clearance area for logos, guidelines about using more than one at a time, colour specifications, and information for members of our regional, national and special interest groups.

In addition, we also ask you to ensure that you do not use the logo or refer to English UK membership in the context of any non-accredited, affiliated centres, organisations or courses.

Download the English UK Brand Identity Guidelines

Download the English UK member logos Members (.zip file)

We recommend that you run use of the English UK member logo by us. Please send artwork to Helen, our marketing communications officer, and do get in touch if you have any questions or queries regarding the correct usage.