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Global language, global connections
A manifesto from English UK

The new government can take six simple steps to support our global export industry.

The UK's English language teaching (UK ELT) sector is an important UK export industry.

UK ELT supports jobs in every region, sets many students on a path to our universities, and builds lifelong global affinities to our country.

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English UK manifesto | published April 2024

Before Covid and Brexit, ELT contributed £1.4bn and over 35,000 jobs to the UK economy.

UK ELT helps to transform lives through learning and intercultural understanding.

Children, adults, students and professionals from all over the world come to study English at UK ELT centres. They come for education, career development, cultural immersion and leisure. Courses usually last from a week to eleven months.

It's all too easy for UK ELT to be overlooked or damaged by government policy, due to its reliance on temporary migration.

We believe the incoming government will benefit from a stronger UK ELT industry, achievable through a few simple, uncontroversial policy tweaks.

Our six policy recommendations

UK ELT helps people fulfil their dreams and connects people across continents. Six simple steps can help us regain our position as the world's number one English language learning destination.

1. Expand career-enhancing travel opportunities for young people

2. Legalise short work placements on all ELT courses

3. Extend ID card travel for groups of under 18s from the EU

4. Recognise UK ELT's accreditation scheme for immigration purposes

5. Increase government marketing support for UK ELT

6. Increase rent-a-room tax relief to help address our capacity challenge


> Download our manifesto (PDF)

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