Marketing Conference

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Marketing Conference

Friday 1 - Saturday 2 October 2021
Prospero House, London

English UK's Marketing Conference is aimed at all professionals promoting, marketing and selling English language courses to study abroad agents and international students.

Join us in October 2021 for two days of ELT-focused marketing sessions to help you promote your centre, networking opportunities and more. Bookings open soon. 

2020 Marketing Conference feedback

Over 100 delegates joined us at our 2020 Marketing Conference where we heard from plenary speakers, Time out magazine editor Tim Arthur on his experience of building a declining magazine into an international go-to source for global activities, and Olympian Anna Hemmings tale of bouncing from rock bottom to triumph.

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Feedback for the Marketing Conference in 2020 was excellent, with a rating of 8/10 and more than 80% of delegates feeling more knowledgeable after attending. 

Attendees thought there was a real buzz about the conference. Leanne Linacre of LILA* said: "It was fantastic, really good. I loved that we started with such a positive speaker, especially at the moment, and I feel genuinely optimistic now. It was very constructive and was great to have the Hungarian session as well."

David Blackie also thought there was a positive atmosphere. "It was very constructive. Life has its ups and downs and it is how people feel about it can make it successful. I feel today was quite uplifting because it was all about triumph over adversity and coming through."

Past events: Marketing Conference 2020

In February 2020 we welcome English UK members for a day of ELT-focused marketing sessions, with a plenaries from Time Out magazine's former editor Tim Arthur and Olympian Anna Hemmings.

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What do delegates think?

"Insightful and extremely relevant to the industry. This year I was lucky enough to bring my entire marketing team the conference - they all found it useful too." - Eva Uddin, IH London

"Great programme and an annual opportunity to re-focus and be re-motivated for our roles." - Emelyne Burkhard, Celtic English Academy

"It's one of the few marketing events that are based specifically on ELT and the pains and barriers marketers face within this field... both relevant and current, I came out of it feeling inspired and informed." – Caroline Karakatsani, IH London

"Excellent talks, good range to choose from... useful for all kinds of school, including very small ones such as ours. All in all a productive, well designed and executed event." - Alex Moore, Echo Language School