Publications & reports

If you are considering expanding into a different market, our collection of downloadable reports, below, are a good place to start.

They are researched in different ways:

  • Some are produced as the result of a UK scoping visit or event
  • Some are based on desk research
  • Some are commissioned as part of English UK and the British Council's English Language Market Report series.

English UK & British Council's English Language Market Reports

Quarterly Intelligence Cohort

QUIC is a quarterly statistics initiative to give English UK member centres regular, in-depth reports by professional analysts every quarter. QUIC helps members identify market trends and opportunities, and ensures time-critical business decisions are based on robust data to help UK ELT thrive.

English UK annual student statistics reports

To support our members and the wider UK ELT sector with robust and sophisticated market intelligence, we produce an annual report looking at trends in UK ELT, student numbers and world markets. Members Corporate members

The value of ELT in the UK

Other reports

UKCISA publications

Other publications, reports and guidance for English UK members

Prevent strategy


Guide to Best Practice in Student Welfare, Safeguarding and Care of Under 18s

Tourism Alliance guidance on packages and travel arrangements

This explains what these are and, if you offer them, what you need to do to be compliant.For any questions, please contact