CELTSEM qualification

English UK CERTSEM 600x230

CELTSEM: Certificate in ELT Student Experience Management

The CELTSEM is a unique course for anyone working in ELT student services, welfare and accommodation management. 

The course includes six online training days and self-study over two months. 

It is a highly practical course, covering all aspects of student administration and management.

2024 CELTSEM course

The 2024 CELTSEM course will run from February through to April.

Each module includes a full-day training session. The first session takes place in-person in London. The other five sessions are online. 

Course fees:
English UK members: £1,300  | Non-members: £2,300

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Applications close on Friday 2 February 2024

CELTSEM course calendar for 2024

In-person session lasts a full day and typically runs from 10:30 to 17:00. Online sessions run from 10:30 – 16:30 and includes breaks.




Thursday 22 February


1: Introduction and managing within a team 

Thursday 29 February


2: Managing student accommodation

Thursday 14 March


3: Risk assessments and emergency planning

Thursday 21 March


4: Safeguarding: looking after the welfare of our students

Thursday 18 April


5: Safeguarding: rules and best practice for adults and children 

Thursday 25 April


6: Customer care and quality control 














CELTSEM course contents and assessment

Introduction and managing with a team

  • Introduction to customer care
  • Your role within the organisation
  • Being a good manager
  • Planning and setting targets
  • Communicating effectively

Managing student accommodation

  • Different types of accommodation
  • Managing accommodation provision – systems and procedures
  • Identifying the different customers and managing their expectations and requirements
  • Monitoring accommodation – quality control
  • Students in own accommodation

Risk assessments and emergency planning

  • Customer care and risk assessments 
  • Where risk assessments are needed
  • How to carry out risk assessments
  • Why emergency planning is needed
  • Who needs to know what

Safeguarding: looking after the welfare of our students

  • Informing, advising and supporting students
  • Skills and techniques for supporting and disciplining students
  • Developing cultural awareness
  • Providing students with information about British culture
  • Typical problems when working with under 18s

Safeguarding: rules and best practice for adults and children

  • Who and how are we safeguarding? 
  • Rules, policy and the law 
  • Pre-arrival, arrival and departures
  • Supervision and review of safety
  • Outside class: the social programme and excursions 

Customer care and quality control

  • Defining customer service and setting standards 
  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Strategic and quality management 
  • Performance reviews
  • Dealing with problems and complaints
  • Striving for excellence: redefining customer care

Participants are required to complete six-module assignments consisting of research and reports. These are practical projects drawing on your role and experience. There is no final examination.

This equates to a total of approximately 120 hours of work, of which 24 hours are allocated to training sessions, 24 hours to self-study, including completion of mini-tasks and 72 hours on the assignments.

Meet the tutors

The CELTSEM tutors are experienced professionals in the ELT community, committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise for the benefit and development of UK ELT.

 Glen h170

Glen Mitchell is an Accreditation UK and IALC inspector whose experience includes academic and schools' management. He has worked in the UK and overseas in an ELT career spanning 30 years. Having managed teams in multi-centres, he is particularly aware of the need for strong organisation skills, effective communication techniques, and the importance of customer care and quality control. 

Barbara h170

Barbara Lewin is a safeguarding trainer and consultant with many years' experience of working within the ELT sector. She has worked in academic leadership and student services within ELT centres in a range of roles, including as a Group Safeguarding Lead. Barbara delivers training and advice to centres across the UK. In 2016, Barbara founded and chairs the Sussex Safeguarding Forum to share information and consult with relevant local government authorities.