On a mission to meet members
11 February 2015

English UK Chief Executive Eddie Byers has been meeting and engaging with English UK member centres across the country.

"It's a very pleasurable part of the job. I've enjoyed visiting Cardiff and meeting many of our Welsh members, a handful in London and the South West, one in Scotland and a couple centres in Manchester and Bournemouth. It's great to hear what our members have to say."

Managing Director of Bournemouth-based Capital School of English, Spencer Fordham, said "we had the privilege of welcoming Eddie Byers at the end January as part of his mission to meet English UK members. He has met our staff and some students, and also attended a RALSA (Regionally Accredited Language School Association) meeting to find out the views and opinions of language schools within the Bournemouth area."

Eddie has also attended English UK regional AGMs in the South West and London. English UK has a variety of sub-groups that play an important role representing the distinct areas of the UK or teaching specialisms and encouraging members to work together on marketing, business, training and recruitment.

"I've found it very useful to hear discussions on a wide-ranging variety of subjects at these events, and am keen to carry on visiting more schools throughout the UK next year. It's great to see what each member offers and to meet the different teams," Eddie said.

If you would like English UK Chief Executive Eddie Byers to visit your centre or come along to a regional AGM or other event, please send your invitation to info@englishuk.com.


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