Hands-on advice to improve teacher performance
1 June 2017

Regardless of experience sometimes teachers struggle to clearly convey the message of their lectures and make the learning process more enjoyable.

Two speakers at the Business English Trainers' Conference 2017 next month will explain and give practical advice on addressing different audiences and delivering a good lecture on any topic.

One of the two sessions on this topic, held by Ben Butler, will highlight the key points when holding an English class for specific purposes.

"This presentation is aimed at teachers who would like to excel even when they are put into situations that they are not familiar with," he says. No teacher should feel threatened by a new, more specific topic as long as they keep in mind some dos and don'ts of style and approach.

Ben Butler has over 15 years of teaching experience, including English for engineering, law and general English.

Jeremy Rogers will then offer a solution to those teachers who do not find it easy to address an audience of people from different professional backgrounds.

The key is to avoid relying too much on the textbook and identify shared topics among the students, he will explain. Use other useful resources in the classroom to make the experience more enjoyable, both for the teacher and to the students, regardless of their background and previous experience.

Jeremy is based in the International House Newcastle and has a broad expertise in the sector both as a teacher and as a teacher trainer.

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