Opportunity: remote English language teaching in Uruguay
8 June 2017

The British Council Uruguay is looking for organisations involved in ELT that have a special interest in learning technologies to take part in an innovative project to teach Uruguayan secondary and vocational learners using high-end videoconferencing equipment.

The invitation is open to:

  • UK universities
  • Further Education Colleges
  • British Council accredited private English language schools

The Ceibal secondary and vocational English project offers students aged 12 and above, along with their local English teachers, the opportunity of a weekly language and cultural exchange in order to further their English language skills and intercultural knowledge of the English speaking world.

The programme is a natural extension of the Ceibal Primary English programme, being managed by Plan Ceibal in partnership with the British Council using remote teachers in London, Montevideo, Argentina and the Philippines to teach 8-11 year-olds English where they do not have the opportunity of an English teacher in the classroom.

If you are interested, contact Graham Stanley (graham.stanley@britishcouncil.org) by Friday 30 June 2017 with an expression of interest for further details.

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