What to do in case of emergency: guidelines for members
7 June 2017

In light of the recent incidents in Manchester and London, English UK has produced a guide to managing emergencies for English UK members.

Many of you may already have such a policy/ procedure in place, but for those who do not, we hope this will be helpful. It is not proscriptive and should, of course, be tailored to your particular needs.

A number of members have raised the issue of how to make instant contact with students to ensure they are safe in the case of emergency.

WhatsApp is a good solution as indicated in this guide. You will routinely be collecting students' mobile numbers and it is simple, unless you are a very large provider, to add their numbers and message them instantly. You will still need to "take a register" of responses but at least it is a one-step action to make contact.

We are investigating app stores to see if there is anything better for schools, as well as the possibility of designing one.


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