New parliament, new opportunities to campaign for industry
21 June 2017

As details of Brexit and immigration legislation are published during the coming days, English UK will be working with the wider international education sector to campaign for the industry.

Much of the Conservative election manifesto was dropped when the party realised it would have to form a minority Government, but legislation on immigration is still likely to be brought to the House after a consultation this summer.

The manifesto talked about wanting to attract "the brightest and the best students" and promised to toughen the visa requirements for students, "to make sure that we maintain high standards." It also said that overseas students would remain in the immigration statistics "within scope of the government's policy to reduce annual net migration."

English UK chief executive Sarah Cooper said that with a minority government and major differences of opinion in Parliament about the status of students and the need to support export industry post-Brexit, there was all to play for.

"We're pleased to see old friends of the industry taking their place in Parliament, and we hope to welcome some to the industry's All-Party Parliamentary Group.

"The Lords voted to remove students from the migration figures in the last Parliament and while that was then reversed in the Commons, there now might be more support for that view. Research tells us that the public generally don't regard students as migrants.

"We will be supporting our members to reach out to their MPs with updated campaigning materials as the shape of the new Parliament becomes clearer, and will continue to work closely with government and the industry to ensure that the voice of our members and the wider sector is always heard."


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