A roundup of ideas on improving business English teaching and learning
14 June 2017

Bob Dignen of York Associates opened the conference with a thought-provoking session. Taking the audience through leadership solutions used by project managers, he urged the audience to concentrate teaching on what will help clients work in English, as separate to working on the client's English.

Topics covered from using Post-it notes for teaching vocabulary, how to overcome not being an expert in a specialist area, moving to online tuition, Business English in the digital age and more.

Speaker Jack Prince, of British Study Centres, said, ''There aren't many events in the UK where Business English is the focus. We need to be able to adapt and find new things, and this is a great place to do that.''

Pete Sharma brought the day to a close with a roundup of ideas for using digital tools for training.

Maurice Cassidy, chair of Business English UK and Business and Specialist Centre Manager at International House London said, ''It's been a fantastic day, a real buzz in the room, and we are so pleased to host a space for Business English practitioners to come together and share their best practice.''


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