Grow your business in China: the opportunities to build partnerships
28 July 2017

English UK members who want to make the most of the Chinese market have three great opportunities to meet and follow up with top local agents this year.

Last year China was one of the few growth markets for English UK members, sending almost 25,000 students for courses lasting on average 3.4 weeks, and it is a priority country for English UK.

The easiest way to start making these valuable contacts is to attend StudyWorld in London this September, where a delegation of ten agents from major cities will be present and keen to talk about educational opportunities in the UK. We will also launch a new market report on the summer school market in China, which is expected to estimate its annual global value at around £1billion.

Then, why not follow up your StudyWorld meetings by attending one or more of our targeted events in the region this autumn?

Our annual China Roadshow, the country's only specialist UK-focused ELT B2B networking event, will be held in Beijing in late November, followed by our Regional Fair, Asia Pacific in Hong Kong. We have also organised a student fair in Hong Kong after the Asia Pacific Fair: places are limited for this but priority booking will be given to attendees at the Asia Pacific Fair.

"The China Roadshow is now the go-to event for our summer business in China. For schools that have not won much business in China, it is a great introduction to the market and a platform by which to do the longer-term follow-ups necessary for the market." - Emma Buckby - Director of Sales and Marketing at IH London

"Sarah and the team put on a fantastically well organised event that we have attended for a number of years. Last year the roadshow proved to be the event that provided us with the greatest return on investment." - Martin Corr - Commercial Director at Ardmore Language School

The growing importance of the Chinese market overall was highlighted five years ago by a country report commissioned by the British Council and English UK, explaining that consumers with savings were prepared to spend on education, with demand particularly growing for workshops preparing teenagers for university admission exams and English and other language courses for customers of all ages, particularly in urban families.

UK summer/winter school programmes are a key product in the Chinese market, it said, with English training courses "a very strong and increasing trend in this marketplace."


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