So you're the new digital marketing assistant are you?
14 September 2017

The digital marketing role within a language school, college or university department is a tricky one. It's a juggling act with multiple internal stakeholders and you can often feel trapped in the middle with agendas, briefs and ideas coming in from all angles.

You might be combining social media and running the website with being a part-time teacher or the social programme organiser. Perhaps you feel like you (and your managers) are on the opposite side of the digital divide to your tech-savvy target market.

Time to stop for a minute. And think. And breathe… whether you're totally new to digital marketing or you've been in post for a while, help is at hand!

Help is at hand!

English UK and the British Council have teamed up with industry experts Disquiet Dog to develop a two-day ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp to put you in control of your digital marketing destiny.

The ELT Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Thursday 21 - Friday 22 September 2017

This intensive course for beginners will take on some of the tough questions that are unique to our industry and offer robust solutions and approaches to build in house skills at your English language centre.

  • How do we connect with potential students overseas? And target the ones that really want to book?
  • What are we actually trying to achieve with social media? And should we be spending so much time on it?
  • How can we get the content we need for our website, blog and social media without writing it all myself?
  • How can I help my superiors to understand what is needed?
  • And how can I deliver the return on investment and profitability they need?

Practical and tailored to our industry, the Bootcamp will leave you with the know-how and the self-confidence to fulfil your role effectively. The two-day course costs £750.

Its small size will leave you feeling like you have had a personal consultation and are ready to draw your entire organisation together and help lead it to digital success.

Text written with Richard Bradford of Disquiet Dog

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