Latest figures on the UK's ELT source markets published
20 August 2018

English UK's most recent quarterly data report indicates that the business upturn seen in 2017 has continued, albeit at a slower pace, into quarter two 2018.

The Quarterly Intelligence Cohort (QUIC) scheme – which enables participants to see data and emerging trends on a more frequent basis - shows Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Turkey were the UK's top source markets, both overall and for adult student weeks. Italy, the UK's leading junior source market, produced more than a quarter of the total under-18 student weeks.

Replicating a trend seen in previous quarters, over three quarters of all student weeks came through a commissionable source. However, year-on-year historical comparison indicate a stable development in the direct booking route. 

As with the first quarter this year, adults dominated in the second quarter; and General English remained the most popular course type for all ages. 87 per cent of adult and more than three quarters of junior student weeks studied this option. 

A further revelation was the small upward shift in the proportion of student weeks booked as groups rather than individuals. 2018 is the first year detailed information on booking sources have been collected and group bookings represented over one fifth of all student weeks, gaining two per cent on quarter one 2018.

The QUIC scheme comprises of over third of the English UK membership and around 50 per cent of its student weeks. Only the QUIC participants receive the full 35-page report but top-level insights are available to all.  Produced in collaboration with our insight partner StudentMarketing, these reports  support our strategy, our members and the wider UK ELT sector with robust and sophisticated market intelligence.

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