Members and agents build connections in Madrid
26 October 2018

The UK's high quality education and excellent safeguarding rules were highlighted to Spanish agents at ASEPROCE this week.

English UK hosted Spanish agents and group leaders at the British Embassy Madrid for an evening of training and networking with English UK members on Wednesday 24 October, the evening before the workshop

Thirty Spanish agents attended the English UK safeguarding training session delivered by English UK consultant Kevin O'Donnell before a networking reception with twenty English UK members, sponsored by and LanguageCert.

Agents described the session as "informative" and "valuable", and we plan to offer similar training opportunities through webinars next year. The UK has very strict rules to keep students under 18s safe, and our objective is to ensure agents and group leaders are fully aware of these rules, and can manage the expectations of students and parents.

During the reception Deputy Head of Mission Tim Hemmings gave a passionate address about the value of UK education. "You are UK ambassadors," he told UK educators.

A large group of English UK members attended the ASEPROCE Workshop the following day, which included a day of one-to-one meetings with Spanish and Italian agents, with networking over tapas and wine.

ASEPROCE 2018 Kevin ODonnell presenting on safeguarding 2

ASEPROCE 2018 English UK reception view from British Embassy Madrid
ASEPROCE 2018 Louise Gow and British Ambassador to Spain Simon Manning ASEPROCE 2018 English UK members in the village Therese Dillon MLI Andrew Hjort
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