Trigger emotions for successful marketing, says English UK conference speaker
12 December 2018

ROG 1187

We are delighted to have leading international education marketer Jackie Kassteen opening the English UK Marketing Conference in February.

As founder and managing director of Jackfruit Marketing, Jackie runs her own company advising large and small businesses in our industry on how to improve their reach with clients and colleagues. So what's her absolute top tip for successful marketing?

"In any kind of marketing strategy, it's essential to focus on emotion," she says.

"You've got to create an emotional reaction in your prospect. People buy a product or service not based on what it does, but how it makes them feel."

Using emotion in ELT marketing

Where should you start? Jackie says: "Really take an objective look at your marketing. Is it informative [are you just telling them facts about your institution or brand], or are you spurring an emotional reaction in someone?"

How can your marketing target emotions?

"Storytelling is a powerful technique, and I'll be talking about that at the English UK Marketing Conference," says Jackie.

"As a creative technique, there is a bit of an art to storytelling, and from a technical point of view, there's certain psychological reactions your brain will have to content or visuals. I'll explain this and share examples to illustrate how you can trigger the reactions you want in the brain."

Any other advice on using emotion in your marketing?

"It's really important for schools to identify what makes them special – that can be really hard for people to do when they've worked for the same brand for a while or they're just too close to the brand. This is where a fresh, outside perspective helps. If you can hone in on one, two, or three things that are unique to your offer, you can start telling powerful stories around a core theme. When these stories create an emotional reaction, then you know you've got some very effective marketing content."

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