Why choose a specialist for your Business English?
7 November 2019

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Why choose a specialist for your Business English course?

Business English UK is a special interest group run by English UK members. Their members specialise in teaching English for business and professional purposes.

Business English UK members have expertise in providing tailored language and communication training for professional and corporate clients from a huge range of sectors, including law, tourism, medicine, sales and marketing, IT, HR, finance, aviation, military, enginnering, and oil and gas.

The group's activities include:

  • Promoting professional English courses to key target groups such as governments and major companies
  • Providing a one-stop shop for clients
  • Improving quality

A message for agents from Business English UK

In the English language teaching market there is ongoing growth in demand for English for Specific Purposes. But, as agents know better than anyone, professional clients are facing several challenges:

  • They are time poor – they often have very little time to make the learning progress they need, or for travel away from their core role
  • They are operating in a global economy with rapid evolution in the ways that people communicate, and their employers have high expectations of them
  • They are facing increasing competition from younger businesspeople. Business is the most popular degree subject in the United Kingdom and the United States, and increasing numbers of universities around the world are teaching their degrees in English

When we consider the importance of the clients' success, it becomes clear that choosing a specialist training partner is the easiest solution.

Whether it is English for banking or engineering, English for law or medicine, for example; whether it is one to one, group, virtual or in-company training, we can be trusted to help your clients achieve the results they need.

For help finding the right Business English course for your students: get in touch with Business English UK.

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