English UK lobbies on high visa refusal rates in Turkey
14 November 2019

The impact of the high visa refusal rate in Turkey has been highlighted in English UK's QUIC figures for the summer of 2019, which show a significant drop in student weeks compared to the previous year. This adds concrete evidence to the increasing reports of visa refusals we have been receiving from members, and we will continue to lobby UKVI in Istanbul and the Home Office about this issue.

We are aware of a UKVI pilot scheme working with selected agencies which we hope will lead to more visas being approved overall. We have lobbied UKVI in Istanbul to open this scheme to a wider group of agencies: it is not clear at the moment how long the scheme is likely to last or whether it will be extended to include more agencies. 

When we have further details to share will post an update to the English UK newsfeed.

Whilst the full QUIC report is exclusive to participating members, the third quarter executive summary will be publicly available from 19 November.

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