Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau confirms they can accept electronic invoices
18 May 2020

Laptop imageSaudi Arabia Cultural Bureau confirms they can accept electronic invoices

The Saudi Arabia Cultural Bureau (SACB) has received confirmation from the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia that they can accept electronic invoices during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to move to electronic invoices, English UK members are asked to observe the following conditions:

  • All electronic invoices must be accompanied by a copy of the Financial Guarantee letter

  • The usual invoicing requirements remain the same: student name, period of study, amount, individual invoice for each student etc

  • Electronic invoices must be sent from the educational provider's email address and not a personal email address

  • Educational providers must guarantee to send an original hard copy of the same electronic invoice, when it is safe to do so, stamped with "paid" for all invoices that were paid electronically

  • Please send all electronic invoices to (please note this email is for invoices only).

The SACB would like to thank its education partners for their patience and cooperation, and says it will do its utmost to pay all eligible invoices as soon as possible.

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