English UK conference motions 2021
19 May 2021

English UK conference motions

Members' Conference & AGM 2021
Friday 21 May

Conference motions are a way for a member to put forward a matter of policy or issue of concern they would like to see debated by the wider membership, and to convey to the board the views of members. Any proposed motion should be sent in writing to the chief executive at least two hours before the start of the conference (08:15 on Friday 21 May 2021).

These motions are shared as submitted by their proposers.

Motion 1:

I move that, the English UK immediately and effectively, devise and lead a sustained public campaign using all means necessary to bring pressure to bear on relevant government departments and agencies with the aim of seeking sector- specific support.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKLC
Seconded by Tim Cooke, ELAC Study Vacations

Motion 2:

I would like to propose the following: That this meeting is concerned that the operation of the Student Support Fund, and the agreement of EUK schools to offer free courses to students affected by the closure of an EUK school, can lead to abuse where a school closes down, utilising these student protection mechanisms, and subsequently continues in operation in some modified form. It asks the EUK Board to amend the rules to ensure that, to the best extent possible, these valuable student safeguards are not used to the detriment of EUK and its members.

Proposed by Val Hennessy, IH Bristol
Seconded by Jane Dancaster, Wimbledon School of English

Motion 3:

I move the English UK to protest in the strongest terms to the British Council and request it to immediately cease any trading activities that directly compete with this membership.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKCL
Seconded by Adell Mitchell, Live Language

Motion 4:

I move the English UK to request the British Council to use its government support funding to sustain the Accreditation UK scheme until 2022. Any paid subscription fees by members for 2020 and 2021 should be refunded.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKCL
Seconded by Alan Martins, United World School of English

Motion 5:

I move the English UK board of trustees meetings to be made publicly accessible for this membership via web stream and/or published meeting minutes. With the exception of discussions of confidential matters.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKCL
Seconded by Gary Farmer, Brighton Language College

Motion 6:

I move the English UK and the board of trustees to provide an effective system of support for members in the devolved countries and for schools outside of London.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKCL
Seconded by Kumi Wiedmann, Norwich Study Centre

Motion 7:

I move the English UK to develop a suitable system for the membership at large to privately submit annual feedback evaluation of the association's performance against key performance indexes. Which can then be analysed and utilised by the board of trustees.

Proposed by Leon Zhang, KKCL
Seconded by Adam Wilton, English in Margate

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