How is English UK's QUIC quarterly statistics scheme different for 2021?
10 November 2021

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How is QUIC different for 2021?

QUIC is our industry-leading quarterly student statistics scheme that provides in-depth insights on the UK ELT industry and its source markets. Due to the continued impact of Covid-19, QUIC will run a little differently in 2021 and we will deliver a modified edition at a reduced participation fee.

What is different about the 2021 QUIC statistics scheme?

  • The annual participation fee has been reduced to £100 + VAT (the usual fee is £275 + VAT).
  • QUIC participants will retrospectively declare their Q1, Q2 and Q3 data by early December, and their Q4 data in January.
  • The research will be statistically robust, and the same detailed data collected, but the survey scope will be different. As in 2020 we will produce one single report, rather than four separate reports for each quarter, however, the single report will be exclusive to QUIC participants. 
  • English UK will partially subsidise the costs of delivering the scheme.
  • New research will explore the extent to which 'real' marketed online products have developed with the results shared in March. 
  • A new video tutorial to demonstrate how to use pivot tables effectively will be available. This will show participants how to use the tables to pull out more granular insights and to benchmark their own performance against competitors.
  • BONARD will run a special interactive webinar for participants discussing the QUIC 2021 outputs in greater detail. 

What remains the same?

  • The analysis will continue to be outsourced to our insight partner BONARD although we have agreed a special pricing model for 2021. 
  • The quick turn-around of the analysis and data. The five full pivot table datasets (one for each quarter and the annual cumulative data) will remain the same but the Q1- Q3 pivots will be available in late-January, earlier than in 2020.

When can I join the QUIC scheme?

> sign up for QUIC 2021 by Wednesday 17 November 2021

If you are new to QUIC and haven't participated before you need to sign up before Wednesday 17 November. Subscription is on a rolling basis, so QUIC 2020 participants are not required to sign up for 2021, they are automatically part of the scheme.

> sign up for QUIC 2021 by Wednesday 17 November 2021

Why is the 2021 QUIC data important?

  • At the current early stage of recovery, we feel it is vital for members to know which source markets are most active so they can be agile and respond effectively.
  • QUIC is an industry-leading scheme and the ability to continue to benchmark performance is essential for monitoring recovery and emerging trends as well as for the schemes continued integrity. 
  • Robust and up to date student data is crucial for our lobbying and campaigning work.

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