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English UK's quarterly student statistics scheme

QUIC - the ELT industry's leading quarterly student statistics scheme, is open to all English UK member centres. Members subscribe to the scheme on an annual rolling basis and sign up for new participants is open from February to the end of March each year. 

At English UK we understand market insight is crucial for business success, and we are committed to supporting members by providing fast and comprehensive quarterly intelligence. Our QUIC scheme gives members robust tools to: benchmark their centre's performance; identify market trends and opportunities; and inform time-critical strategic business development decisions.

Join QUIC for exclusive market insights

QUIC is open to all English UK member centres and, consistently, over a third of the membership take part. In return for providing detailed student week data each quarter, participants receive comprehensive quarterly market intelligence by professional analysts.

Ready within eight weeks of each quarter end, the 25+ page QUIC reports include:

  • In-depth insight into 100+ UK ELT source markets
  • Analysis of the buying process (e.g. via an agency vs direct and individual vs group bookings) for each market
  • Breakdown of adult and junior course types, providing insight into the relative popularity of different product types in each market 
  • Historical comparisons to reveal long term trends
  • Comparative analysis across UK regions and programmes.

> View a sample QUIC report (This is for illustrative purposes and contains 'dummy' data)

The quarterly reports are supplemented by:

  • Excel format pivot tables providing granular intelligence on sector, region, and provider type
  • Special interactive webinars exploring each quarter's results further
  • Timely cumulative data - at the end of the year's cycle, participants also receive the cohort's full annual results.

> Watch our 6-minute QUIC pivot table tutorial video - find out how centres can pull out more granular insights to benchmark their own performance relative to other similar institutions, in addition to the wider UK ELT sector. 

Membership of the scheme is on an annual rolling basis and sign up for new participants is from February to the end of March each year. Please contact Roz McGill to express your interest in joining QUIC 2023.

What does it cost to join?

QUIC 2022 subscription fees

  • 2022 QUIC subscription fee: £175 + VAT (usual QUIC subscription fee pre-pandemic: £275 + VAT)
  • 2022 QUIC subscription fee for groups: £175 + VAT (for the first accredited centre) and an additional £45 + VAT for each subsequent accreditation/ member centre**

**For example, a group consisting of three member centres will pay: £175 + (2 x £45) = £265 + VAT

Our group QUIC subscription fees are capped at £355 + VAT per group.

Membership of the scheme is on an annual rolling basis and sign up for new participants is from February to the end of March each year. Registration for QUIC 2022 is now closed, please contact Roz McGill to express your interest in joining QUIC 2023.

Why is there a fee?

QUIC was designed to run on a cost recovery basis, so the fees paid by participants cover the cost of outsourcing the data analysis and report writing to our professional market intelligence partner.

Due to the pandemic, variant editions were run in 2020 and 2021, and English UK fully funded the 2020 edition and partially subsidised the 2021 edition. For 2022 we are not returning to the pre-pandemic fee level as we understand this would be a significant barrier for some participants. In recognition of this and taking into consideration the current state of the market, we have managed to work closely with BONARD to keep the 2022 fees below the pre-pandemic level.

What data do you need to provide each quarter?

Members need to provide student weeks by source market, age group, course type, whether the booking was as a group or individual, and whether it was a direct booking or via an agent.

Example submission form and submission guidelines:

2022 data submission deadlines

  • Quarter 1 (3 January - 3 April): by Tuesday 19 April 2022
  • Quarter 2 (4 April - 3 July): by Friday 15 July 2022
  • Quarter 3 (4 July - 2 October): by Friday 14 October 2022
  • Quarter 4 (3 October - 1 January): by Monday 16 January 2023

> Contact Roz McGill with any questions.

Resources from software providers:

QUIC executive summaries - proving a true picture of the UK ELT sector

With over 50% of English UK members' total student weeks represented in the cohort, QUIC provides excellent market intelligence and a true picture of the UK ELT sector. It is valuable to all types of member centres, whether a seasonal junior provider, a year-round provider, FE college or HE institution. 

To ensure QUIC provides the most robust and relevant information possible, a dedicated research team at our insight partner, BONARD, sanitises, validates, and analyses the data.

While the top-line executive summaries are publicly available, only QUIC participants receive the full reports with market analysis, infographics, commentary, and the accompanying Excel pivot table datasheets.

Find out more about English UK's statistic initiatives

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What do participants say about QUIC?

"We joined for the first time [in 2021], it's invaluable data and [I] highly recommend all schools join." - Farhan Quraishi, Speak Up London.

"We all need data to know what is happening in the industry. This is the best source of data… [we use it to] see which markets we are not fully exploiting, and which markets we should be making more of an effort with."– Val Hennessy, International House Bristol

"It gives schools a significant insight to the countries who are sending students to the UK. A very valuable tool to have in your armoury to allow you to do intelligent and targeted marketing." - David Arrowsmith, inlingua Cheltenham.