Quarterly Intelligence Cohort

Last updated: 18 November 2019

Quarterly intelligence for UK ELT

Our optional quarterly statistics initiative offers regular, robust data on the UK ELT industry to help members identify opportunities, and inform time-critical business decisions.

Every quarter, our Quarterly Intelliegence Cohort (QUIC) participants submit their student week data.  In return they receive detailed analysis of source market share, age segmentation, course type and booking information. This QUIC report is supplemented by pivot tables, providing breakdowns on regional and provider type basis. Produced by professional analysts, these outputs are robust tools to benchmark your centre's performance, as well as inform strategic marketing and business development.

A true picture of the UK ELT sector

With over 50% of English UK members' total student weeks represented in the cohort, QUIC provides excellent market intelligence and a true picture of the UK ELT sector. It is valuable to all types of English UK member centre, whether a seasonal junior provider, FE college or HE institution. 

To ensure QUIC provides the most robust and relevant information possible, a dedicated research team at our insight partner, Bonard, sanitises, validates and analyses the data.

While the top-line executive summary is publicly available, only QUIC participants receive the full report with analysis, infographics, commentary and more.

Executive summaries

Join QUIC for exclusive market insights

The full 40+ page quarterly report is available to QUIC members only and is ready only weeks after quarter end. It includes:

  • In-depth insight into booking source markets
  • Comparative analysis across regions, provider type and programme
  • Breakdown of junior course types and much more
  • Historical comparisons to reveal long term trends
  • Pivot tables providing granular intelligence on sector, region and provider type

QUIC is open to all English UK member centres. Sign up is from January of each year and the first set of quarterly data is submitted in April.

What does it cost?

2020 subscription (1 January - 31 December data) for QUIC is £275 +VAT.

This is payable within the first quarter. This fee is necessary to cover the cost of outsourcing analysis to market research and data specialists Bonard. It is the equivalent of just £68.75 per report.

Special rates for groups

The charge is £275 +VAT for the first centre and then an additional £55 +VAT for each subsequent centre. This is capped at £475 +VAT for the group. E.g. A group consisting of four member centres would pay: £275 + (3*£55) = £440+VAT.

What data do you need?

Student weeks by nationality, age group, course and whether their booking was as a group or individual, and direct or via an agent.

NOTE: QUIC is not the annual student weeks data submission (formerly annual declaration), which all English UK members must complete at the beginning of the year.


100% of QUIC members recommend joining

And more than 80% of respondents felt that the scheme delivers strong professional analysis, high quality reporting and quick turn-around.

"It is vital for understanding the bigger picture of UK ELT and as a planning tool." - Jane Dancaster, managing director of Wimbledon School of English.

"It gives schools a significant insight to the countries who are sending students to the UK. A very valuable tool to have in your armoury to allow you to do intelligent and targeted marketing." - David Arrowsmith, principal of inlingua Cheltenham.

Our QUIC members use the reports to inform their marketing, benchmark against competitors and target countries with a limited budget.