Quarterly Intelligence Cohort

QUIC is a quarterly statistics initiative to give English UK member centres regular, in-depth reports by professional analysts every quarter. QUIC helps members identify market trends and opportunities, and ensures time-critical business decisions are based on robust data to help UK ELT thrive.

QUIC is an optional quarterly student statistics group open to all English UK member centres on an annual rolling basis. Participants submit student data on a quarterly basis and in turn benefit from comprehensive, robust and timely statistical reporting produced by our expert insight partner, StudentMarketing.

Why join QUIC?

To ensure QUIC provides the most valuable and reliable information possible, a dedicated research team at StudentMarketing will process and analyse data. Their analysis will be valuable to the full range of English UK member centres, whether a seasonal junior provider, FE college or HE institution.

StudentMarketing will produce an in-depth report within two weeks of the submission deadline so we can circulate reports to QUIC members within a maximum of eight weeks after the quarter end.

While an executive summary will be available to all members, only QUIC participants receive the full analysis, including evaluation of source markets, comparative analysis across region, provider type and programme, infographics, commentary and more.

How do I join?

QUIC will be open for new members to join each December - January. The first set of quarterly data is submitted in April. QUIC has an annual cost of £250 + VAT, payable within the first quarter, to cover the cost of outsourcing analysis to professionals.

Like all data collection schemes, the quality of the data relies on the number and breadth of participants - the more members taking part, the more reliable the data. If like us, you see the value of robust data, do encourage as many of your colleagues across the membership to join as possible.

For more information, please email Roz Rozidor, international manager, on statistics@englishuk.com


Please note, QUIC is distinct from the annual student weeks data submission (formerly annual declaration), which all English UK members must complete at the beginning of the year.