Warning re phishing 'scam' emails claiming to be from English UK
4 November 2022

Warning re phishing 'scam' emails claiming to be from English UK 

We are aware some members have received new phishing 'scam' emails this week claiming to be from English UK. Some of these have included a request to pay a fake invoice also claiming to be from English UK. 

On checking the senders address those we have seen are from an @accountant.com email address. The phishing email members received earlier in the year, around February time, were also from this domain. 

We encourage members to always check the sender's domain name and exercise extreme caution if the email originates from email servers such as accountant.com, which are commonly used for phishing scams.  

We also suggest members work with their IT suppliers to ensure they have sufficient protections to filter emails coming from certain servers. If you are unsure whether a payment request or invoice relating to your membership is genuine you always can contact our Finance Manager, Nuria Felip Puignou on nuria.felip@englishuk.com to double check.  

To report a scam email, you can take a screenshot of the email and send it to NCSC on report@phishing.gov.uk (sometimes a forwarded email may not reach them because it is already recognised by spam detection services). 




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