Business opportunities for member centres
8 December 2023

Business opportunities: online training for English teachers in China and training in CLIL in France

Two current opportunities that may be of interest to member centres:

TILE Project China: online training for English teachers in China

The British Council China English Programmes team are seeking costed proposals from a single UK supplier/ organisation that can support digital training delivery and detailed monitoring of the Tangshan In Class Language Effectiveness (TILE) project focusing on supporting more effective English teacher English classroom language use.

The project is aligned with English teacher needs in China (Borg et al, 2022) and has been identified as a required need by local partners. The TILE project is a partnership between the British Council China and Teaching Research Institute of Tangshan Education Bureau, with the selected UK provider acting as the designated delivery partner.

Programme schedule:
Project to last for approximately 18 weeks from Monday 19 February 2024 to Friday 21 June 2024. There may be some flexibility in this date to extend by 2-3 weeks, should the applicant request it.

Deadline for proposals:
Friday 22 December 2023


Further information:
More information including RFP template and supporting documents >>

Training in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) in France

The École Claude Nougaro is looking for a provider to train a team of 6 to 10 teachers on EMILE (CLIL for students in the 1st degree, ages 3 to 10, from pre-school to Grade 6).

Some teachers already implement mathematics and sports in English and would like to enhance their teaching. Some teachers would like to receive training to start teaching a non-linguistic discipline.

The English proficiency varies, and specific language training will be offered as part of an Erasmus project.

Programme schedule:
Training is expected to commence in September 2024

Albi, France (some training could be conducted remotely). A long-term training program (possibly over a school year) with feedback sessions would be suitable.

Deadline for quotation:
Monday 15 January 2024

Contact and further information:
Email for further information and to submit a proposal.

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