UK grants Taiwanese access to its Youth Mobility Scheme
4 October 2011

At press event held on the 3 October 2011 to share the news with audiences in Taiwan, it was announced that starting from next year Taiwanese youngsters can enter to the UK for study or work under the Youth Mobility Scheme. 

The announcement comes after agreement was reached last week between the UK and Taiwanese authorities which allows 1,000 young Taiwanese each year to live, study or work in the UK for up to 2 years and the same number of young Britons to come to Taiwan. This agreement follows the lifting of the visit visa requirement for Taiwanese travelling to the UK in early 2009, and the introduction this summer of a streamlined application process for Taiwanese wishing to study in the UK.

UK Home Office statistics indicate that the number of Taiwanese visitors has gone up enormously following the visa-lift. The number increased further in 2010, with 83,300 Taiwanese visiting the UK.

Please click here to visit the British Trade & Cultural Office website for more information.


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