Classroom practice: who's speaking at the academic conference?
2 January 2019

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The Academic Conference is a one-stop event for ELT practitioners and their managers.

The event includes expert speakers, materials providers, opening plenaries from Silvana and Vic Richardson and the chance catch up with old contacts and make new ones over great food throughout the day and an evening drinks reception.

The final day of the Academic Conference will be closed with a talk by Countdown's Susie Dent.

Saturday 19 January: classroom practice

Session one: classroom challenges and nurturing knowledge

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Supporting students with learning differences with Yvert de Souza

This session will give you a better understanding of some of the challenges students with learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities face in the EFL classroom.

Leading language learners on a road to employability through enhanced assessment practices with Alex Thorp

This session unfolds what is expected of contemporary language teaching practices in nurturing skill-sets and developing learners as they engage with a globalised environment.

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The power of personalisation with Alex Warren

In this session we'll explore how we can connect learners to the world through personalisation and bring the classroom to life.

Self organised learning environments: do they work? with Varinder Unlu

Varinder will present findings on the impact of Self Organised Learning Environments (SOLEs) and how they can help create a more autonomous and collaborative classroom.

Managing the digital classroom with Nik Peachey

This session we will explore together a range of digital tools and teaching techniques that teachers can adopt to utilise the presence of digital devices in the classroom and make them productive.

Session two: engagement and mental health

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How to stay well in the classroom: being mentally fit with Phil Longwell

Phil will draw on his own research into mental health of teachers to explore practical ways of staying well in the workplace.

Dealing with IELTS academic writing task two with Sarah Philpot

This workshop will look at the questions that typically occur in IELTS writing task two. Sarah will break them down into their essential parts to ensure that all aspects of the question are answered.

Top ten tips for motivating teenage students with Mel Judge

This session will introduce fun and practical ways to increase engagement and make sure that we are challenging our students not just linguistically but cognitively and socially.  

david etp 55x70 Mark etp 55x70

Textploitation: using a text to develop skills with David Byrne
and Mark Heffernan

This session will look at how we can take advantage of texts used for entire lessons to develop learners' skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Anna Young 55x70 Clare Henderson 55x70

Mind the gap: low-prep differentiation for busy teachers with Anna Young and Clare Henderson

This session aims to provide take-home ideas about what differentiation is and how they can be used to support and challenge different learners.

Session three: exams and teaching creatively

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Using musical activities to raise phonological awareness with Anne Margaret Smith

This workshop will demonstrate how teachers can make use of musical activities to focus on aspects of phonology, including connected speech and intonation patterns.

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Exams made clear with Aida Sahutoglu

Aida will focus on developing productive skills in exam classes to explore how we could enhance students' fluency and coherence to demonstrate a wider range of language.

What does recent research tell us about teaching pronunciation? with Chris Edgoose

This presentation will provide an overview of recent research into effective pronunciation teaching and address the fact that, on average, only 5% of coursebook content is devoted to pronunciation.

Chrissi Florides 2 55x70

Think pair share: no hassle speaking activities with Chrissi Florides

This session gives delegates some simple and creative ideas to get students thinking and speaking. The ideas are practical, fun and require few or no materials.

Session four: wellbeing and development

Chris Farrell photo 55x70

Recognising and Dealing with burn-out in ELT with Chris Farrell

This session will look at some of the potential causes of mental and physical exhaustion, depersonalisation, and cynicism as well as their effects.

"I write formal, like?" Teaching and learning academic style with Edward de Chazal

In this workshop, selected texts will be analysed to identify the major characteristics of academic written English and how students can implement these.

Teaching (not testing) listening skills: focus on decoding with Sarka Kreuzova

In this session we will examine the reasons why 'traditional' receptive skills lesson structure that implement a set of comprehension questions may not be helping students develop listening skills.

Diving in to the local experience with Susan Holden

Susan will present practical ideas for both in and out-of-class activities for teenage students on short courses that can be combined to make the most of language and cultural possibilities.

Julie Moore photo 55x70

Teaching vocabulary beyond intermediate with Julie Moore

This session will look at key concepts in vocabulary learning and their implications for teaching students beyond intermediate levels by examining what it means to 'learn' a word.
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