The Academic Conference: countdown to the perfect mix of CPD and fun with words
14 January 2019

Academic Conf WEB

When you work with words, sometimes you need to luxuriate in lexigraphy rather than grapple with grammar.

But we'll have to hurry you if you want to catch Countdown's word expert, Susie Dent, at the English UK Academic Conference in London on Saturday 18 January, because bookings must close on Thursday at midday.

No need to phone a friend – you can book on our website.

We've enlisted Susie to focus on the richness of the English language and remind English language teachers why they entered the profession – the perfect end to a day filled with sessions devoted to improving professional skills. We might even throw in a bit of a Countdown quiz for all you competitive types to find out who is the weakest link.

Come on down – the price is right for the perfect mix of CPD, networking and inspiration. Sessions will cover engaging learners, supporting students with learning differences and exams, as well as an opening plenary from Vic Richardson on making assessment work with continuous enrolment.

Deal – or no deal?


English: embracing the chaos with Susie Dent.

Susie will be talking about how English is as messy a language as you could possibly imagine, making a mastery of its spelling, pronunciation, and grammar one of the trickiest educational journeys we and our students ever have to make. Yet, behind that mess lies a wealth of stories and adventures, mistakes and mishaps, that make the pain and frustration of grappling with our eccentric language worthwhile. The secret lives of our words will help explain why we have as many silent letters as we do, why our spelling can be so random, and why the gnarliness of English is one of its greatest assets.


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