The language school with its own pub!
5 February 2009

Part of the culture of living and studying in the UK will be spending evenings in the pub (the English version of a bar) with your new friends.

One English school has made it particularly easy for shyer students to sample this part of local life. It has got its own pub in the building.

"It's a good way of experiencing English nightlife, it's great for getting student groups to make friends, and it's pretty popular with our staff as well," says James Webber, general manager of Mayflower College in Plymouth.

"We open it twice a week and have lots of activities in there, including pub games like pool and darts.

"Some groups like, say, air traffic controllers have no trouble at all walking into any pub, but some quieter students might not do that when they first arrive and so this is perfect."

One of the teachers works behind the bar which helps encourage students to practice their language skills - some more than others. "You sometimes get a student settling in for an extra grammar lesson over their drink," jokes Mr Webber.

So why does the college have its own pub? The building is a former hotel, and so the pub was already there when teaching staff moved in. It now hosts specialist nights, such as belly-dancing and international food sampling, and will sometimes open up specially for big football games, but can only be used by staff and students. 

Useful English phrases for in the pub:

  • Mine's a half = I'd like a small beer
  • Mine's a pint = I'd like a large beer
  • Whose round is it? = Whose turn is it to buy the drinks?
  • Last orders! = This is your last chance to buy a drink as we are closing soon.
  • Time, please! = The pub is about to close. Finish your drinks and leave.


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