Spanish students perform Alice in Wonderland
13 October 2009

Spanish school students performed their own version of an English classic book while studying in Scotland.

Students from Les Jonqueres school near Barcelona had read Alice in Wonderland as part of their English lessons. The group of 16 and 17 year olds were then sponsored to continue their studies at Live Language in Glasgow.

They adapted Alice into a short play, called Looking For Wonderland, which they filmed and will be showing to friends and family in Spain.

Alice in Wonderland is famous for its strange characters, including the White Rabbit and the Red Queen. The Spanish students’ version included the very Scottish Loch Ness Monster.

Anna Baldo, the teacher with the group, said: “They have been enjoying their stay in Scotland a lot. I’ve brought groups here seven times, but I think these students have been enjoying it the best. But – I’m a little tired!”

Jackie Furneaux of Live Language said the students had been part of the Catalan government’s promotion of foreign language learning. “The Government chooses the book they study, but this was a great project,” she said.


Susan Young 


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