This week's UK news: 2 April 2015
3 April 2015

Public holiday in UK this weekend

This weekend is the Easter holiday in the UK, which means a four-day weekend for England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Though Easter is a Christian festival, most people do not celebrate it in church. It is popular to give children chocolate eggs (called Easter Eggs), and get together with family. 

At Easter, it is also common for people to spend time improving their homes and gardens. 


Famous artwork back in London gallery

Tracey Emin is one of the UK's most famous working artists. Now her best-known work has gone back on display at London's Tate Britain gallery. It is her very untidy bed, put together as it was when she spent days in it after splitting up with her boyfriend.

My Bed was bought last year for GBP 2.54m by a German businessman, who has lent it to the Tate for at least 10 years. When My Bed was first on show at the Tate it was in competition for a major art prize, and it was so well-known that the gallery had its highest ever number of visitors. Now it is being shown with other British art in a different way. 


Charles Dickens' desk to go on display

The desk on which UK author Charles Dickens wrote some of his most famous novels has been bought so that it can be shown in a British museum. It will go to the Charles Dickens museum in London, which is in a house where he lived for two years. 


Teenagers who have jobs may damage their exam grades

Students who have part-time jobs while studying for exams may do worse, new research says. Teenage girls who worked for one hour each week at 15 got an average of one GCSE at a lower grades a result. 

However, most of the girls who worked did six hours a week, and so they would have scored a grade lower in six GCSEs. 

The researchers think the effect is because girls spend less time studying and their jobs reduce their motivation to do well in school. 




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