This week's UK news: 22 September 2015
22 September 2015

Rugby World Cup kicks off in UK

We are hosting the Rugby World Cup, and the early games are being played in cities throughout the UK. 

The opening match was started by Prince Harry at Twickenham, with a rugby ground decorated with giant balls.

So far there has been one real shock when Japan beat South Africa's Springboks in Brighton. The Japanese team was one of the outsiders, and was definitely not expected to beat one of the world's top teams. Japan had not won a World Cup rugby game for 24 years and they won this one with style.


Questions for the Prime Minister

The UK Parliament has a tradition that every week the opposition leader gets time to ask questions of the Prime Minister. The questions and answers are always very political, and both politicians usually try to "win" the arguments.

However, there is now a new leader of the Labour party who has promised to do this a different way. So he asked people to send in their questions to him. During the first week, he had over 30,000 questions that people wanted him to ask. It will be interesting to see if he carries on with this approach.


Scottish school needs teacher - for just five pupils

A tiny school on a Scottish lake is looking for a teacher - but they'll need to hire a boat or walk five miles to go there for the interview. Local officials have advertised the job three times, but now the parents of the five pupils at the school have got involved. Their online advertisement talks about the beautiful area and the cosy house where the teacher can live.  

Scoraig has about 40 families living there. It is growing fast, although there is no shop or mains electricity. Teachers who have worked at the school in the past say it is a great place to live, and that local people have lots of interesting skills, like making violins or wind turbines.


How to eat the best cream tea

If you come to live or study in the UK, you may want to try a cream tea. This is usually a cup of tea with a scone (a small round cake), jam and cream.

It is very popular in South West England, where people argue about whether the cream or the jam should be spread on the scone first. 

But now one man has tried up to eight different cream teas a day to find the best one. Ditch Townsend says that the jam is the most important bit. 

He has now tried more than 250 cream teas, and says strawberry jam, which is usually offered, is not tasty enough. He says gooseberry, plum, or blackcurrant jam are much better. He also says the cream should be spread on the scone first, and that it should be a particular type of cream, called clotted cream, which is very thick and sticky.




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