Student Interview: Emi Maruo
28 September 2015

Emi Maruo is a 30 year-old doctor from Kyoto in Japan. She is studied general English until June at English UK member City of Bath College.

Why do you want to improve your English skills?

I work as a hospital doctor in Japan but I'd like to work in other countries in the future and think my best way of doing that is to learn English. 

Why did you choose to come to the UK to learn?

Speaking English in Japan is almost impossible so I decided to come to England. I also have a friend in England who lives in Bristol. I was looking for a school there but then I came across City of Bath College. Bath is close to Bristol and it is lovely. 

Do you like living and studying in the UK?

I would say learning English here is good. I like the people here - they are really friendly and they are interested in foreign students and are very welcoming. 

Has anything surprised you?

The culture is completely different here and came as something of a shock. At first sometimes I misunderstood people but I really enjoy the differences now.

Also I was quite surprised to see a lot of communities in the UK for elderly and young people. I feel people are closer in the UK and more friendly compared to Japan. People there are quite isolated now the number of elderly people is increasing but tend to live alone so I think community here is a good thing.

I try to respect different cultures and I am enjoying myself but I do feel homesick. Even though there is a lot of variety, food is one thing I am missing.

What will you do with your new English skills?

I am planning to go back to Japan and think about what to do in the future. It will depend on the result of my exam but I would like to find out how to work in a foreign country after I take my exam.

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