This week's UK news: 29 September 2015
29 September 2015

Two new Harry Potter plays for next summer

There is an unpublished story called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - and it will be seen on stage in London next summer. But the story has been turned into not one play, but two. 

Both plays will be on at the same time, and the idea is that people will see them either in the afternoon and evening of the same day, or on one evening after the other. 


Husband gets shock on his way to work

Drivers going to work in the city of Sheffield last week got a surprise when they saw a message board at the side of the road. The message said: "To my cheating husband Paul. You deserve each other. When you get home I won't be there. Enjoy your drive to work! Lisa."

The message was displayed between 6 and 9 am when the man drove to work. Nobody knows who Lisa or Paul are, but lots of people have seen pictures of the board. 


Top shows back on UK television

Now summer is over and it is getting dark early, TV companies usually put on more popular shows to get lots of people watching. This week Strictly Come Dancing is back on TV. This is a competition where well-known people learn how to do ballroom dancing, with a different dance each week. There are lots of sparkly costumes and each week somebody is voted off the show, which goes on until Christmas. Also back on TV is Dr Who, about a time-traveller whose spaceship is a blue phone box, and the X Factor, which is looking for a new pop star.


Man finds 1,400 year old bowl in field

Lots of people in the UK like to use metal detectors in fields and on beaches. These are special little machines that make a noise if they find buried metal. People like to go out with the machines and see if they can find old coins and jewellery. 

One of these people is Tyndall Jones, who had found lots of little things during 16 years of using his metal detector. When he went to a field he had previously visited, he found a pretty coloured metal disc. He thought it was probably the lid of a 200-year-old coffee pot, and took it to his local museum.

The expert there was very surprised and told him the object was more than a thousand years old. She took it to the British Museum n London and found it was a rare type of 7th century bowl. You can now see the bowl in the Celts exhibition at the British Museum.

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