This week's UK news: 14 April 2016
14 April 2016

Mrs Thatcher's statue is missing something important

A statue has been created of Mrs Thatcher, the UK's first (and only) woman prime minister. But it has not yet been put in place in its new home close to Parliament. 

The organisation which raised GBP 300,000 for the statue says it is being blocked by Mrs Thatcher's daughter, Carol. Ivan Saxton says that Carol doesn't like the statue because it does not show Mrs Thatcher carrying one of her famous handbags. However, neither of Mrs Thatcher's children have commented in public.


Head of the Church of England gets a family surprise

The Archbishop of Canterbury is the head of the Church of England. He was in the news this week because DNA testing showed that his real father was not the man who brought him up and was married to his mother.

It turned out that Justin Welby's real father was a man called Sir Anthony Montague Brown, who worked for the UK's wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill. Tests were done after family members noticed that Justin Welby looked like Sir Anthony Montague Brown. 

Justin Welby and his mother have been very open about what has happened. His mother has said it was "a shock" as her son was born nine months after her wedding.


New Picasso exhibition for London

More than 75 portraits painted by Pablo Picasso will be shown in a special exhibition in London from the autumn. The paintings are in the many different styles used by Picasso over his career. They include cartoons and pictures from collections all over the world. The exhibition is at the National Portrait Gallery in London from 6 October to 5 February. 


English golfer wins UK Masters

Danny Willett, a 28-year-old golfer from Yorkshire in the UK, was not well known until this weekend. But then he won the US Masters golf competition at his first time - with Tweets from his big brother.

Willett is only the second Englishman to win the tournament, and was only there because his baby son was born 12 days early, allowing him to fly to America.

The event was made even more fun by his older brother Peter and his very funny Twitter feed. Peter, who is a teacher started with 312 followers - and had 19,000 by the time his brother won the tournament. He Tweeted comments like: " If that boy does what he should, I will be able to say, 'I've shared a bath with a Master's winner.' Brilliant."

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