This week's UK news: 3 June 2016
3 June 2016

Pop star to play footballer in film

A year ago Jamie Vardy was not well-known. He was a footballer for Leicester City and was not a big name in the Premier League. Now he is famous, for scoring in a series of 11 games, and for being a crucial part of the team which came top of the Premier League this season.

Now there is to be a film made about Jamie Vardy's life. Playing the part of Vardy will be Louis Tomlinson, a member of the band One Direction. He says the film is a "golden opportunity" and that Vardy is a "great example for anyone who thinks they can't follow their dreams."


England gets its first plastic money

More than 30 countries already have plastic bank notes. England joins them in September, with a new note worth GBP 5. The note's design was revealed this week. It has a picture of the UK's wartime Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, on it. 


Top Gear returns

One of the biggest TV programmes in the world is UK show Top Gear, which is sold to many countries. The former presenters are now making a new car programme for Amazon so the UK public broadcaster has had to rethink the show. It now stars Chris Evans, a radio and TV presenter who loves cars and driving, and Matt Le Blanc, an actor well-known for playing Joey in Friends. 

The first episode of the new Top Gear was shown at the weekend, and got the biggest audience on the TV channel it was shown on. 


Bees follow car for 28 hours

When Carol Howarth went shopping last weekend she got a bit of a surprise. More than 20,000 bees began to fly around her car. A bee expert who managed to get most of the bees into a box said it was the biggest swarm of the insects he had ever seen.

But the story did not end there. After Mrs Howarth had driven home, there were still lots of bees around the car, and she had to call out bee experts again the next day. Nobody is quite sure why so many bees followed her car, but it could either be that the queen bee was trapped inside, or that there were sweets or food in the car.


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