Vowel sounds and intonation: is your English crystal clear?
8 June 2016

With more and more people using English around the world, clarity of spoken communication has never been more important.

Clear pronunciation and good vowel sounds can mean that your spoken English is still effective, despite some grammatical inconsistencies. That's why English UK member BLS English have launched a new Crystal Clear Speaking module to ensure absolute clarity of information.

"It's not about 'elocution' or suggesting that any particular accent is correct or preferable – it is an issue of clarity and understanding," Patrick Murphy, director of BLS English, explained. "Ironically, the better the level of English, the more important clarity becomes as the more fluent the speaker, the more likely the listener is to allow words to pass not understood, opening up new potential for misunderstandings."

"Students often find this an embarrassing area" he added, "for this reason we believe it needs to be addressed as a standalone module, starting Summer 2016."

The weekly module, part of all courses at BLS, includes vowel sound modelling and intonation practice. The aim is to help learners analyse their speech patterns to help them speak more clearly and to ready them for the world of international communication in English.

It's becoming increasingly important to offer students more than 'just' English. Does your centre offer a new or unusual course or activity? Tell us about your special courses.


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