Partner Agency interview: Angela Taylor
29 June 2016

Partner agent Angela Taylor started Atava, her study abroad agency, in July 2013 after a long career in TV. She focuses on Middle Eastern students. 

How did you become a study abroad agent?

I was in TV for 18 years before a Libyan contact made an introduction and I got involved in getting proposals for good schools offering aviation English. Students started giving good feedback about my service and I started receiving referrals and within a month I'd gone from working with 12 schools to 40. It was absolutely crazy.

So here I am 2.5 years later, having made a career switch which was completely unexpected.

When the opportunities came up I thought it was going to be a one-off interesting challenge and I'd go back to TV but the people I meet are remarkably nice and helpful.

What do you like best about being an agent?

I've become very passionate about it. I never imagined I'd switch from media, but I wanted to do something with more impact on the world somehow and I've absolutely loved working with the students.

The thing that excites me more than anything is when you get an email or text from a student saying thank you for your help, I really loved my time in the UK. I really am making an impact on someone's life: who knows where those people will go with their English.

What do you think of the Partner Agency Scheme?

It is definitely useful. It gives you credibly and assurance for the student and partners as well. They will know you've been trained, you've done your research, been vetted.

Since becoming a Partner Agency it's become easier for me to form partnerships with universities and I believe it's  been instrumental in helping with that. Basically the branding, the name just adds credibility and I am proud to put it on my new website.


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