This week's UK news: 25 June 2016
25 June 2016

UK votes on whether to leave the European Union, UK astronaut returns to Earth, mud at Glastonbury and the secrets of women's underwear.

Every week, we summarise the UK news to help you understand what is happening in Britain, and what people are talking about.

UK votes on whether to leave the European Union

Here in the UK we have had a vote on whether we should remain in the European Union. We voted on Thursday and the votes were counted in the night. Lots of people stayed up to watch the results come in, and it was very close. There was a small majority for the campaign to Leave.

The UK's exchange rate has changed (which is good news for students coming to the UK) and the Prime Minister has resigned but plans to stay for a while. Political experts expect there to be other big news over the next few days.

It is important to remember that the Prime Minister and the head of the Bank of England have said that there will not be any changes soon. People can still come and go from the UK as they do now, and the rules about trade will remain the same.

Nothing has changed for students who want to come and study here.  And we are looking forward to welcoming you here.


UK astronaut returns to Earth

Tim Peake, who has spent six months on the International Space Station, returned to Earth at the weekend. He spent time with his family, as well as enjoying beer and a pizza, before having lots of medical tests.

During his time in space, he ran the London marathon (on a treadmill) and spent lots of time communicating with schoolchildren. He is the first British ESA (European Space Agency) astronaut. 

He says he would go back to space "in a heartbeat".


Mud causes traffic jam at Glastonbury festival

People going to the Glastonbury festival early this week got caught in 12-hour traffic jams. Organisers said they had asked festival-goers to delay their arrival because the site was very muddy and car parks were not yet open, but that more people had arrived earlier than usual.

Glastonbury is famous for mud as well as music, as it's held on a farm at a time when it often rains. This year's acts include Adele, and tributes to David Bowie, Prince and Lemmy.


The secrets of women's underwear

Rigby and Peller make bras for the Queen, and other people. 

They have asked women about their underwear, and found that a third of women only wear two bras, even if they own more.

Half of the women they surveyed said their drawers were full of new bras that they were not likely to wear. Sixty per cent said they felt better in old bras, and seventy per said said they would rather wear a bra which had gone grey than a new one which might be uncomfortable. 

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