English with... classic cars
13 July 2017

Imagine driving down an English country road in the early summer in a classic 1976 Rolls Royce. Or a 1953 Morris Oxford. Or even a 1962 Rover 110 P4.

If that sounds wonderful, the passion for classic cars course being run by English UK member BLS English is probably for you.

"I believe it's the first course in the world. I love cars and English so it's a brilliant combination," says BLS Director Patrick Murphy, whose collection of classic cars have inspired the course. It looks at British classic vehicles from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and his three cars in particular.

He adds: "We're focusing on British cars, which were fab but unreliable.

"It's a nice course – something new, something different. There will be lots of motoring and classic car vocabulary, trips to car collections and I will be driving students through the Suffolk countryside in my Rolls Royce, Morris and Rover – it's just gorgeous."

The course piloted this year with one student, who thoroughly enjoyed himself.

"We even opened the bonnet on the Rolls Royce at one point to look inside. In the past, Rolls Royce did not like car owners doing that as it looked like the car had broken down," said Patrick.

Patrick, who admits he is a "car nerd," has plenty of support for the course. He has a collection of English magazines about classic cars dating back to the 1960s as well as his collection of three vehicles. BLS also has one teacher who builds cars, another teacher who races cars and a host family who are "mad about cars".

English UK members offer all sorts of courses, from practising how to negotiate to English and mining or English + computer coding. You can even share sports facilities with the British Olympic team!


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