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27 July 2017

Men paid more than women on UK TV

There was a big upset this week when the public service broadcaster (the BBC) published details of the people it pays most.

The government ordered the BBC to create a list of everyone paid more than the Prime Minister, which is GBP 150,000.

There were 96 people on the BBC list – and two thirds were men. There was only one woman in the top nine. She was paid nine times less than the highest-paid man. The UK has had an equal pay act, which says men and women should get the same pay for the same job, since 1970.

Now some of the women in the BBC are getting together to take legal action to force the broadcaster to match men's and women's wages.

Princess Diana's private room on show

Every summer, Buckingham Palace opens to the public when the Royal Family are away. This year's exhibition includes a look at what Princess Diana's sitting room was like.

Princess Diana, who was the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, died in a car crash in Paris 20 years ago. This year her sons have chosen some of her belongings to go on show.

They include cassette tapes of her favourite music, including George Michael, Elton John and Lionel Ritchie.

Other belongings include the very large suitcase she took to boarding school as a child, her desk and writing paper, ballet shoes and a special calendar.

UK author appears on new UK money

Jane Austen, who wrote some of the UK's most famous novels 200 years ago, is the face of the new UK £10 note. Austen, whose novels included Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion, is still a much-loved writer in the UK and other parts of the world. The film Clueless was based on Austen's novel Emma.

The new notes have a picture of Austen and a quote about reading from one of her characters, and will start being used from September.

Sick baby is news all over the world

Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby who has spent most of his life in a children's hospital in London. He was born healthy, but soon he was not doing well and doctors realised he had an incurable illness which means his cells do not work properly.

His parents wanted Charlie to try an experimental drug but the hospital said that he had suffered too much damage to benefit. His parents have gone to court to ask for Charlie to have the experimental treatment, and been refused. In UK law, doctors must do what is best for the child, and parents do not have final say over it.

The hospital has argued that it would not be good for Charlie to have the treatment as he cannot move, breathe by himself, is deaf and cannot see properly and the drug would not improve any of this. They also think he is in pain. The drug has not been tested. The courts agreed with the hospital and said that as Charlie was in pain, the machines breathing for him should be switched off so he can die peacefully.

Charlie's mum and dad have got a big campaign to try and save their son and raised lots of money, and this month Donald Trump and the Pope got involved.

The case went back to court because the hospital thought the mum and dad had new medical evidence which should be explored.

But tests showed he had got much worse, and this week his parents agreed that treating him with experimental drugs would not be the right thing to do.


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