London is the world's classroom: world record attempt for the most nationalities in a language lesson
25 July 2017

Every year English UK London, one of English UK's regional subgroups, holds a summer garden party to celebrate the hundreds of thousands of students that choose to improve their English in the capital. This year, the party included a world record attempt to have the most nationalities in one language lesson.

The previous official record stood at 50 nationalities but Friday's event may have broken that record with students from 57 different countries. (The final number needs to be verified by the Guinness Book of World Records, which could take up to 12 weeks.)

The huge lesson was held on the football pitch and included reading, writing, listening and speaking on the topic of "talking about your free time using phrasal verbs."

Mark Rendell, Chair of English UK London said, "We are now truly able to call London 'the world's classroom' and leave so many students with magical and unforgettable memories of the time that they came to London and helped to make history."      

International students come to London from more than 220 nations and the record attempt included students from Yemen, St Nevis and Kitts, Benin and Mongolia.

James Herbertson, from English UK corporate member London Nest, who co-organised the event said, "The world record attempt was conceived as a celebration of London as the most diverse city in the world and the favourite place of choice in the UK to learn English."

The lesson had to adhere to strict guidelines set out by the Guinness Book of Records: the lesson plan had to be submitted in advance; students had to stay in the lesson throughout; the lesson had to last 30 minutes; two independent witnesses had to observe; and two experienced timekeepers had to keep time.

We would like to extend our thanks to all those involved for part of the income generated as a donation to the Eddie Byers Scholarship, which helps to create transformative English learning opportunities.

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