Visa and compliance news - November 2018
28 November 2018

Short Term Study (STS) visas

English UK has recently needed to contact the Home Office policy team about a case where a student had been advised to obtain a new period of leave for a new course of study despite having a valid 11 month short term study visa.

Having completed the course, the student enrolled on a further course of study that would be completed within their original 11 month visa. The student was advised (as a non-visa national) that as they could not complete the new course within the 30 day period, they needed to leave the UK and request a new STS on return to the UK. However, the student was stamped back into the UK on their 11 month visa instead of being given a fresh STS visa on which to study. 

English UK is keen to see if there is a trend. If there have been cases where short-term students have either been permitted to re-enter on their visa after their original course has ended, or been given a new visa despite still having a valid STS, please get in touch with Naadiya Rawat with the following details: the length of the original visa and the port of re-entry.

To ensure compliance with data protection, please redact any personal data from students' visa/passport if you intend to send these.

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