Urgent message from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
9 April 2020

Urgent message from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the various restrictions that have been taken by educational providers to limit its spread, including the provision of online teaching, SACB would like to stress the following conditions on which Financial Guarantees will be issued in this and similar situations:

  • All online classes will be carried out live using video conferencing and communications software, and must not be pre-recorded. These live classes will be delivered according to a scheduled timetable.

  • Online class timetables must be similar to face to face class timetables.
  • Financial Guarantees will now be issued for four weeks rather than for twelve weeks.

  • Additional pre-recorded classes can be used to complement the daily live-class schedule e.g. as homework.

Please reference the above four conditions in the offer letter together with the total cost for four weeks.

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