This week's UK news: 9 October 2009
9 October 2009

Read about books

We are great readers here in the UK, and that showed this week.

First of all there was the publication of a new book about Winnie-The-Pooh. The book was approved by the family of the original writer. All the old characters are there, as well as a new one called Lottie the Otter.

We have also had National Poetry Day, and a vote for Britain’s favourite poet. This was TS Eliot.

And there was the country’s biggest book competition. A panel of judges chooses its favourite novel published this year. There is always lots of publicity about this, especially when the six books in the final are named.

The winner is announced at a big dinner in London and can expect to sell a lot more books as well as getting the prize money.

This year’s winning book was a story set 500 years ago about a man who was close to King Henry VIII.


British people to work longer

Politics was in the news again this week. A major political party met for its yearly conference and talked about new policies.

The Conservative party says Britain will need to spend less. All politicians say that people will have to work longer in their lives, but the Conservatives think retirement ages should be raised more quickly. The plans will affect everybody aged under 58.

The three big political parties meet in early autumn each year to discuss policies. Those conferences have now all finished but arguments will carry on as there will have to be an election before next May. 

The Conservatives hope to win the election and get rid of the current Labour government. This means they were very careful to look responsible at their conference. Everyone was banned from drinking champagne in case it gave the wrong message!


Strange music news

Thom Yorke, the lead singer of Radiohead, has formed a strange new band.

Radiohead music tends to be long and thoughtful. It is not cheerful dance music. But Yorke has amazed his fans by performing his solo songs live with Flea, who is the bassist with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And it all worked. The new band got really good reviews.


The law gets a new court

The UK got a Supreme Court for the first time this week.

This is now the highest court in the land, where appeal cases will be heard.

It is a huge change. Until now appeals have been heard by the Law Lords, who were members of the unelected upper house of parliament.


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